Information about non epileptic seizures and Non Epileptic Attack Disorder.

Useful Information to Print Out

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One of the members on our Facebook support group wrote this to help his workplace cope with his seizures. You may find it useful to print out to give to your school, workplace, social group etc. You could also laminate it and keep it in your handbag/wallet in case you have a seizure in public.


I have non-epileptic attacks
This is what to do if I have an attack

  • Keep me safe from injury. You may need to guide me or move me from an unsafe place, move dangerous objects and protect my head by placing a pillow, cushion or soft clothing under it.


  • Do not hold me down or try to restrict my movement. This can make the attack worse or cause injury.


  • Do not put anything in my mouth or try to give me medication.


  • Speak to me calmly. I may be able to hear and feel what people are doing when I have an attack and being spoken to in a calm reassuring manner can help to make the attack shorter.


  • My attacks do not cause damage to the brain even if they go on for several minutes.


  • Do not call an ambulance unless I am injured or the attack goes on for a long time. It is important that the ambulance crew know that my attacks are non-epileptic. Show them this information.



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